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Any Advice?

Postby jamesmonk94 » Tue Jun 14, 2016 8:32 am

Hi all,

My name is James from Birmingham, England. I have recently purchased my fathers CB650 its a 1983 bike but is the older X shape rather than the Nighthawk model which as far as i know is also an italian import which has allowed the paint work to remain generally immaculate considering its age!

I purchased in thinking it seemed reliable from the odd blast down the road i'd had on it and that as a Honda should be reasonably practical for daily use. My father also seemed to struggle with slowly driving round his village in the sense that i believe it kills the battery if you drive under 2-2.5k rpm.

I'm essentially looking to improve it for daily use so primarily things like luggage rack (if anyone knows if one is available) and a replacement steering lock (the old one is there but missing a key)

It also doesn't seem to accelerate in the higher revs i.e. over 7k, wondering if thats by design (my last bike was a 2012 cbr600f) and I'm expecting too much or whether the clutch is wearing.

Last one just generally wondering if anyone has any other advice for keeping her quick, alive and reliable!

Thanks in advance and would be great just to hear from anyone else who uses one as a daily driver
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Re: Any Advice?

Postby cb650 » Tue Jun 14, 2016 3:19 pm

Nice bike. They were mad in single cam up to 84 for some parts of the work. Other than knocking the cat off the seat just do a tune up and see where that gets you. Might have to clean the carbs at some point. Some online manuals here somewhere. If you buy one get the haynes. Its more geared to your Z model.
Did you clean the tank out?!?!?!?!

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Re: Any Advice?

Postby Volker_P » Wed Jun 15, 2016 1:10 am

Welcome here, James! :D

impressing nice original state, in particular for Britain.

If you want to go for daily use, take special care for the electrics.
Inspect the cables and pull the connectors from the multi-plugs to clean them if required.
Your battery problems might be a hint to a charging issue. Measure charging voltage for verification. You should get about 15V at 5000rpm with a full, good battery.
Anyway there is no real need that a CB650 will charge properly when riding below 2.5k.
The engine has its full oil pressure from about 3000rpm so you should not ride at load below. Well, if you had a CBR600 this should be no issue... :lol:
No idea about the >7k power lack, but this is not the stock exhaust. The stock 4-2 has reflection plate type pods and is not easy to beat over the complete rpm range. And of course a CB650 is no CBR, it was also one of the weaker 650s of its time.
BTW, after winter I usually got a completely different engine after an extended turn with some revs and at changing load.
Try this and have a look afterwards if all four plugs look equal. :wink:

Good Luck!
Cosky's great (free) online manual:

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