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Help understanding carb basics

Postby juntjoo » Fri Jan 05, 2018 3:57 pm

Mine are the "CV" type for my 82' cb650 and apparently these aren't all the same for each year/size. I'm using this guide, I'm guessing some or many of you are familiar with, MacGregor carb cleaning services by Sean Grier, very helpful btw(forget where I downloaded from) deals with the cb750 and up carbs of this type, but they're close enough to mine for me to get this far. I'm about 60% maybe in understanding how these work so if I could just get a couple things cleared up I'll feel confident to put them back together and try to get the bike running.

1) from the bowl side, is the jet closest to the pilot screw the main jet? The other carbs of this type have a removable jet in there and mine doesn't appear to have one, nor was I able to pass carb fluid through. So is this correct? If so how does this "air jet" function. Either way, how should I service this hole(whatever it is for)? Next,

2) there is supposed to be a rubber plug on these carbs for the slow speed jet, but not mine right? I don't have any plugs. And what are they for btw? Finally,

3) and back to the main jet, if that's what it is, how does it lead to the throttle body?

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