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Experience with DP674 pistons?

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 10:03 am
by twoleftthumbs
Have the old girl torn down (except for the crankcase just yet) and am about to start cleaning. She's a '79. I've half a mind to replace the stock pistons with the DP674 but for all the pictures and mentions I can find of these I can't locate any real specific info. The Dynoman site doesn't say much about the bore except there's no re-sleeving and despite all the "contact us with any questions" he's not responded in two weeks to multiple emails.

Is anyone currently running these pistons? Was much material removed? Are you using the stock cam? What other internals did you upgrade/could you find out there? I have the stock carbs (sadly with pods) do you forsee those might need changing?

I'd love some advice but Dynoman is AWOL, it would appear.