For those who've done the R/R mod

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For those who've done the R/R mod

Postby Masika » Sun Jun 26, 2016 3:32 am

I did the R/R mod about 3 years ago with the vr295 regulator. end of last year the regulator died... which then spiked the voltage and killed one of my ignitors. replaced both and it just happened again last week. vr295 regulator died, spiked voltage and killed ignitor. It always kills same ignitor. Now im not to upset about the regulator dieing because its a lifetime warranty and I get another one locally free but the ignitor isnt cheap and I have to order one from ebay.

Has anyone else have this happen with this mod/vr295?

Should I maybe rig up a volt meter so I know to kill the bike if the regulator dies?

Specs are kinda high with this regulator. at idle i get about 13.5 V but it almost hits 15V at around 6-7k rpms so im wondering if when i red line it, its to much for this regulator to handle? maybe my ground isnt sufficient? could that change the performance?

Is there anyone out there that rebuilds these ignitors or knows if the part I can buy to do it myself? it appears to be some sort of a transistor with 4 leads is all. I have about 5 of these dead.

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