cb650 gas cap question

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cb650 gas cap question

Postby cruiserlover » Wed Aug 10, 2016 9:22 am

I am stil trying to sell the 79 parts.I am going to get the 80 running.Someone screwed up the lock in the gascap long ago.Almost any key will turn it, but it looks crappy.I was wondering a few things.First off I am going to get it running.If the motor isnt good then it will be parted out.I like the look of it though.
1.Do these caps have to be vented
2.I wonder if there is a screw on nonvented cap that would work
3.i know aftermarket caps with keys are available, but for $35 plus shipping
4.I wonder if the lock is removeable and replaceable.
5.If I ever wanted to go full custom on one of these bikes I wonder if a flushmounted popup cap would work?

That's all my questions.
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