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Regarding this forum

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:06 pm
by andreortiz
Taptalk is a plugin for forums, like this one, that allows users to view and post from there mobile phones. SOHC and DoTheTon are two forums I use via TapTalk and I'd love to use this one too.

Do you think the forum owner would like to add TapTalk to this forum? Here is the link.

If you are interested in adding this and you need help, I'd be happy to do so. I am familiar with phpBB software. Thanks!

Re: Regarding this forum

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2014 9:01 am
by Folsoml
tiddd650 is the forum admin. Send a PM to him about this.

Re: Regarding this forum

Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:24 pm
by Hooligancycles
I have been curious about Tapatalk, but haven't quite figured it out yet haha