Greetings from southampton

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Greetings from southampton

Postby taurus66 » Thu Dec 09, 2010 1:25 pm

Hello people ,

Greetings from very cold southampton , uk . Just taking a look at the site. I dont have a CB650 yet , but do have a Pan european st1100 and a CB750 C too. As a bit of a side line to my normal work i make side covers for the Honda CB750C, CB900C and CB1000C ranges of bikes and am looking at expanding the range. I also hand make the Badges for these different bikes due to the rarity of them..

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Re: Greetings from southampton

Postby Volker_P » Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:06 am

Welcome here! :D
That's really good to know that you can make side panels and may expand that further. I think CB650SC (RC08, 1982 on SOHC, called Nighthawk in U.S.) side panels seem quite rare, at least from time to time people ask here for them and report they looked everywhere else.
Do they mount like the stock ones or do they have to be fixed in another way? And do you already have an order of magnitude about how much your side covers are?
CB750C is quite close to (1980) CB650C in many parts (I think e.g. it is the same front and also rear), maybe side covers are the same, too. Except decals, of course.
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Re: Greetings from southampton

Postby taurus66 » Fri Dec 10, 2010 4:19 pm

I do make the same sort of mounting as the orginal but i can supply them without the lugs if someone wants to find another way of fitting them. I have not yet started making the CB650sc covers yet as i am looking at buying a right side cover as it always seems to be that side that goes missing.
The side covers between the 650 and the 750 are different. I also have all CB750c, CB900c, Cb1000c , Cb750custom exclusive and the European CB750c badges ready to be copied. All except the Cb650custom badges That is.

I have seen an advert on ebay germany for the 750 cover at 87.50 euros each.

I was offering mine at £55 each (US$87.00 and 65.00 Euros), but was told they were too expensive compared to Ebay usa between US$40 and US$200. So not sure really..

Update, just managed to get a right side cover for the CB650sc and the CB650C (us model), so they will be available soon , i also have CBX1000 prolink side covers available for copies, badges for the CB900F, Cb750f, 750four and the front fork cover badges for the Cb750c available for copies too.

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